Friday, August 26, 2011

world of winx/online winx update

So firstly I want to talk about world of winx(The nick winx club game).
I used the charmix (original) mode and saw how big the wings are.
The charmix (nick) wings are suppose to be small wonder what happened to the wings nick is just messing up everything and I always watch the original winx version so I know what the winx were originally like!

Ok sorry about that I am just very angry at nick.
So on the the nick thing the winx's original site has been updated.
The sumer orange background has been removed.Its back to the plain old pink.I found this when I went to check the site because winx club 4 ever said that the site was under maintenance.Then I saw this I guess the flaming bright orange background is gone!


  1. I know Nick is messing up Winx but also Nick makes a big deal about Winx Club and I like orang

  2. I agree. its only the detials that nick mixed up that I am angry about


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