Monday, December 20, 2010

happy birthday tecna and bloom

happy birthday bloom and tecna

Bloom:10 Dec
Tecna:17 Dec

happy birthday from all the winx club fan around the world

Friday, December 17, 2010

winx club season 4


winx club season 4 is in there is a new member to winx club Roxy.

    their new powers are called believix

 go to    

to watch S4 EP 1 Part 1 from there you can find E2 and E3    

I'm Brandeline! I'm a new author of this blog and you can see how please I am to be here:)
I like Musa since last year and let me show you some pics 'bout her!

think that's all for now! good bye

winx club videos

did you miss winx club the movie the sceret of the lost kindom
while this is your lucky chance to watch it
I found a english version of it
just click on this link to watch:

I found some cool videos of their transformation 
click on this link and you can watch it:

winx enchantix in 3D come watch
click on this link:

winx believix here it is:

Last but not least some pictures S4 in 3D some ar not in 3D:

I will be puting up winx concerts songs in my next post maybe tomorrow

winx club has formed a band

start rocking with them in season 4

nabu is alive

hi i have news that nabu is still alive . while i was going through some pictures for winx club for the blog i found a winx club the magic is back picture with nabu in it i will show you check it out
look at the pictures nabu is in all the background 

 here it is nabu is last to the right cool right watch the feature film the magic is back too find out more that's it for now bye

winx club info

hey guys check it out i have the latest information on the winx club new movie : the magic is back I know you all want to know what happened to get nabu alive again while it is still a ?? keep on following my posts to get the latest in fo but first I have a piece of new that includes life and death for winx nabu's role in the movie he is a wizard which is also layla's almost wife I think they will get married it later the flim

winx club movie two news splash

hey guys check out this photo

 check it out its a skiing competition 
and in the picture is layla and icy

winx club comics

                 Winx Club Comics

Hey guy I have a question
Do your parents allow you to buy winx comics
Or do you have to save for your comics
Or do you like to save paper
And you still love to read winx comics

Well I have the perfect solution
There is a website where you can read and download winx club comics just click on this:

winx club on DS

hey guys i bet you want to know what the title is about

WINX CLUB ROCKSTARS is a new winx club game on DS

                                                       so get ready to rock

winx club the magic is back

hey guy here on winxclubdiaries we have news for the winx fans in italy
winx club the movie is back is coming soon well in 19 day to be exact on christmas
for the perfect winx christmas

and for the people in the rest of Europ you chance is coming soon after
in 2011 expirence it in november
hey guys we have the latest news on winx club pop pixies

its in fall in usa and europ

and there 54 episodes and in 13 min

so keep watching out for pop pixies

winx club online

winx club internet

I'm sure all of you know about the winx club site it has upgraded!!

there are new mini games and a new game!

there is a piece of bad news I'm afraid gardenia park is gone but here to take it place is winx adventure a 3D virtual world you can talk to the winx(including Roxy) and their headmistress
play quest given by the winx and turn yourself into a 3D figure decorate your house and buy cloths for your chracter

at winx club click on games and then winx adventure if you would want to learn how to do it click on game mode bye for now if you want more information email us at