Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New header/150 post thanks

Brandeline uploded the new header like it?
While I love it! Thx Brandeline! 

So this is our 151 post we just passed our 
I am just to happy and I am aiming for 20 followers before 
WCD's birthday(17th December)!

I want to say a big thank you to the sites that have me on there list and all the followers etc 

Thank you to everyone on this list! click read more to see the graph

150 post and news

Finally WCD's 150 post!
The news is below.

Credit to Michael,BelieveInWinx and Winx 4 life

In the newest License Global Magazine,sponsor by Nickelodeon Consumer Products. There are two brand new Nick ads featuring some of Nick's biggest shows; "Big Time Rush", "Victorious", "Dora the Explore", "Spongebob ", "TMNT" and of course Winx! Also there is a promo video, and if you watch closely you will see the girls!

Our staff page

Hey Joyce here!

So I made a new page Our Staff page.
There get to know our wonderful staff
I don't know why I made mine the smallest! LOL!

UK & Ireland on Pop TV

All credit goes to Believe in winx

By the way if all you fans in the UK & Ireland didn't know.

Winx Club still airs on Pop TV!Channels

Sky - 616
 Freesat - 603

It's a free channel so make sure to support it by watching it.

Details are on the main Pop TV website.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Majestic Winx

I made a slide show for majestic winx
Why won't it change!

Remember winx club going to UK and Ireland while here's the premiere
thanks to believe in winx

Monday, August 29, 2011


 I am having my exams after the September holidays and I will stop posting extra things I find online.

But I will update you on nick's winx club statues!

I am counting on Brandeline to help me post somethings.

So check this out:
I made it myself like it?

P.S. Brandeline or Caity is this counted as a graphic?


Back again!!!

Hey! I'm baaaaaacccccccckkkkkkkkkkk! My exams are over and I got full marks for my Maths!!! Yea! Winx Club Diaries is also having 6000 hits!I also made a thanx for the hits sign! =D
I also made a sign for WCD for fun=D
See ya!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

thx for the support

Thx to all of winx club diaries supporters and affiliates we have 12 followers and  6000 views!
Thank You for supporting Winx Club Diaries!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy birthday keke

I did not know this until I saw Winx Club USA
I give all the credit to 
winx club USA!
And Keke Happy B'day 

Today is Keke Palmer's birthday! Nickelodeon's future voice for Aisha (a.k.a. Layla) is 18 today! Let's all wish her a happy birthday! We can't wait to hear your voice in Winx Club, Keke!

Friday, August 26, 2011

world of winx/online winx update

So firstly I want to talk about world of winx(The nick winx club game).
I used the charmix (original) mode and saw how big the wings are.
The charmix (nick) wings are suppose to be small wonder what happened to the wings nick is just messing up everything and I always watch the original winx version so I know what the winx were originally like!

Ok sorry about that I am just very angry at nick.
So on the the nick thing the winx's original site has been updated.
The sumer orange background has been removed.Its back to the plain old pink.I found this when I went to check the site because winx club 4 ever said that the site was under maintenance.Then I saw this I guess the flaming bright orange background is gone!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So look at the map ! 
Alfea is at the back of the  rainbow magic land so if you are planning to visit Rainbow Magic Land remember to visit the Alfea castle! 

Chang of cursors

I changed the cursor there some reasons that I changed it
1)Bloom is my second favourite winx
2)Brandeline's site is using the same musa cursor
3)I said I would change the cursors every now and then

So hope you like it I am going to change to the Roxy cursor next and I will be putting up a poll at the side of the blog!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bloom's believix wings

so I was looking at the winx club's official site forum and saw this 

Bloom's Believix wings  
look at the wings they are so different I am a big winx club fan and I did not notice it so what do you think about this ?

Monday, August 22, 2011

welcome caity

So here's a card to Caity to welcome here to 
Winx Club Diaries

11 followers / Shout out to Brandeline

Thx to everyone who followed our blog!

And I would also like to thank Brandeline for the amazing award thx Brandeline you are the best!


Hey Joyce

I heard about your new site! It rocks! And another thing, I have something to award you! =D
Hope you like it! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Majestic Winx

Hey have  you seen the credits gadget yet if you have you will know 
Caity is an official member of Winx Club Diaries!

So Caity is quite busy so she will only come online on Saturdays so I had a huge chatting spree with her yesterday and I deleted all the messages.

In other news me and Caity are making
Majestic Winx 

So ok this site will have graphics (which I have to figure out how to make),some news,videos and more coming to you soon (because I had no time to make it so caity made it and I still do not have access to the site so here's what we have so far.



Only the credits page and the homepage have been done.
A new background is coming soon

Bye people 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

new winx quiz

so look there is a new quiz I was at the search bar searching for banners and I found it so here's the link to the quiz 

So check this post by believe in winx 

So I was reading the Global Licensing Special Report Mag July 2011 Issue.
And It was sponsored by  Nickelodeon Consumer Products!
And I came across reading this section....
After reading the article, I realized that it said that in October Winx Season 3 will be begin showing daily in October in the U.K., Latin America.Canada and Benelux.
I'm really confused right now, because I thought that they will be showing the 4 specials.
But it could be a mistake, but although it say's that it will air in October.
What do you guys think?... Comment below. :)

Oh and Winx Dolls will be launched in fall 2012 when Winx Season 5 will start airing! :)

can't wait can you !

Friday, August 19, 2011

Check this out jump to 6.04 to get the winx club part thx to Winx Club USA

look it
Huge mix up helia with musa and riven with flora 
And this is from the official winx site!
"you guys are over when your other girlfriend finds out"

New mini game from winx club online

ok so check this out winx club online released a new mini game read the annoucment

Hi Everyone,

Wow! We have a brand new mini-game newly released on the Winx Club site!

The new mini-game is:

1. Palladium Potion Class

What are you girls and guys waiting for? Hurry and click on the Mini-games to play the new game right now!

The Winx Club Staff

check out this cursors made by Grace from Grace Cute 
I absolutely love them I am using Musa right now but could change anytime (To find out when keep following our blog)

Flora's Cursor
Aisha/Layla's Cursor
Musa's Cursor
Stella's Cursor
Bloom Cursor
Tecna's Cursor
Roxy's Cursor

Winx Club Dolls In A Toy Museum In Penang,Malaysia

Check this Dolls out!
They are from the Pulan Penang,Malaysia Toy Museum!
They are so cool I personally took the photos.
I was visiting my mother's side of 
the family in Penang when my aunt took me to the Toy Museum and while there I saw this too bad there were so few :( So if you live in somewhere 
near Penang or you are planning to go check this place out email 
me if you want to know where the museum is :)

~ 6 photos ~

 Some are not Winx ! ~_~ sorry!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

happy birthday stella

here's a little something from Brandeline hope you like it 

New voice of helia

taken from winx 4 life


Please sign this petition  if you can't watch winx in your country

so check it 
they said coming to nickelodeon 
an then a lot of countries so far they have released it in the us ad coming soon uk and ireland so what about the rest of the countries

Winx Club The Movie 2 : The Magic Is Back

Have you been to winx club online recently while I just went today.
There are videos on the main page right?
While they were showing the the magic is back movie preview so here's what I think...

They are trying to get fans interested in the movie then release it in USA with nick.What do you think about the theory.
Because according to believe in winx the movie has started to be shown in numerous countries.

I was thinking that maybe they would air season 1-4 since rainbow has shown those seasons before then bring back both movies .

After the movies then season 5 and 6 will be shown what do you think about this please comment.

So I was looking for updates I saw that believe in winx winxlewanty 
had made this post that winx is coming to UK and Ireland.

Finally those of you who are in UK and Ireland can watch winx.
The sad news is that I live in Singapore and I still can't watch the new winx on TV.
But thanks to mayafox2012 I can still watch it!Yay 

So if you think the specials under the post were deleted you were wrong I moved them under the chat box ( They were cramping up the space ) so go catch the episodes if you want to!

It has even been made official on the Nickelodeon UK twitter


The information and pictures have been taken from believe in winx
All words are from me

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nabu's VA

So check this out I got it from Winx Club In Ho

This is what they are saying if you can't see the words

=Winx club series

Playing a recurring role on this new cartoon for NICK , my character gets introduced soon . Stay tuned -

Wow !!! Welcome to the Winxclub ! Can't wait to hear you voice ! Don't spoil the ending ( if you don't already know yet ... ) 

Having a blast playing the wizard Nabu on Nickelodeon's Winx Club

Stella's Birthday Surprise

I would like to say happy birthday to Stella whose birthday is...

And there is a surprise I will probably post it next week.
Because I have a lot of homework so its coming next week.


New Affiliate

So Winx Club Diaries has a new affiliate 

Ok thee affiliate is Winx Club USA
so USA winx club fans be sure to check out Shayna's blog

Thats all bye ^.^

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Winx Club Times cormmecial

Check out this commercial I made for the winx club times 

Thanks to stupeflix for the music 

Do you like it? While I am going to make one for winx club diaries this time hope you like it!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Going On Hiatus

I will be going on hiatus soon!
I will be posting as usual 
but not extra stuff like interview etc...
I will post all the news other sites post.
Thats all for now and I will go on hiatus next month!



So this is another post by Erica
this is from the nick site its not official so no link on the main winx page 
but Erica found the link do you like the pictures while I sure do.They inspired me to do a monthly caption contest so a new page is coming soon.I will keep you posted.So here's the link to nick page for this pictures
I know that they already have captions so you cannot copy the captions.

  • Winx Club BFFs|Look out, Magix! Fairies are on the loose and their leader, Bloom, is hunting down all evil!
  • Tecna Technology|The girls are ready for anything and they've got Tecna's technology to help them!
  • Funny Bunny|He's blue, he's super smart, and he's Bloom's best pet…he's Kiko!
  • Pumpkin Power|As the Fairy of Nature, Flora pulls some power from this pumpkin to help her Winx friends.
  • Shine like the Sun!|Stella's a cheerful ray of sunshine, so it's no surprise that she can cheer Bloom up!
  • Trick the Trix|Flora leads the Fairies to the evil Trix…go get it, girls!
  • Kiko Cares|Kiko knows when something's wrong with Bloom…and he knows just what to do to help!
  • Best Friends Forever|When Bloom needs to talk, Stella's there to listen. After all, what are best friends for?!
  • Fierce Fairy|Don't mess with Tecna! She's a powerful fairy and she'll do anything for her fairy friends!
  • Fearless Flora|Flora's sweet and thoughtful, but when evils lurking around she's fearless as ever!
  • Dynamic Duo|When Bloom and Stella aren't fighting evil, they're just two friends who love to dance and have fun!
  • Fairy Fun|The Winx Club is all about hard work, awesome adventure, and having fun along the way!