Saturday, August 13, 2011


So this is another post by Erica
this is from the nick site its not official so no link on the main winx page 
but Erica found the link do you like the pictures while I sure do.They inspired me to do a monthly caption contest so a new page is coming soon.I will keep you posted.So here's the link to nick page for this pictures
I know that they already have captions so you cannot copy the captions.

  • Winx Club BFFs|Look out, Magix! Fairies are on the loose and their leader, Bloom, is hunting down all evil!
  • Tecna Technology|The girls are ready for anything and they've got Tecna's technology to help them!
  • Funny Bunny|He's blue, he's super smart, and he's Bloom's best pet…he's Kiko!
  • Pumpkin Power|As the Fairy of Nature, Flora pulls some power from this pumpkin to help her Winx friends.
  • Shine like the Sun!|Stella's a cheerful ray of sunshine, so it's no surprise that she can cheer Bloom up!
  • Trick the Trix|Flora leads the Fairies to the evil Trix…go get it, girls!
  • Kiko Cares|Kiko knows when something's wrong with Bloom…and he knows just what to do to help!
  • Best Friends Forever|When Bloom needs to talk, Stella's there to listen. After all, what are best friends for?!
  • Fierce Fairy|Don't mess with Tecna! She's a powerful fairy and she'll do anything for her fairy friends!
  • Fearless Flora|Flora's sweet and thoughtful, but when evils lurking around she's fearless as ever!
  • Dynamic Duo|When Bloom and Stella aren't fighting evil, they're just two friends who love to dance and have fun!
  • Fairy Fun|The Winx Club is all about hard work, awesome adventure, and having fun along the way!

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