Friday, August 19, 2011

Winx Club Dolls In A Toy Museum In Penang,Malaysia

Check this Dolls out!
They are from the Pulan Penang,Malaysia Toy Museum!
They are so cool I personally took the photos.
I was visiting my mother's side of 
the family in Penang when my aunt took me to the Toy Museum and while there I saw this too bad there were so few :( So if you live in somewhere 
near Penang or you are planning to go check this place out email 
me if you want to know where the museum is :)

~ 6 photos ~

 Some are not Winx ! ~_~ sorry!



  1. O, can we buy them actually?? Where is that toy muzuem?? Sadly i can't go there! Just last year i went there!! It's ok. Next time, perhaps......

  2. Thanks, really for that photos. U know, i am a huge han of winx club!! I dont really have any winx dolls. I am planning to buy one. Can u tell me where, my friend? I just want in malaysia. ThanksXD

  3. hey, please reply me!!! i don't want to post a comment for nothing!!!!


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