Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pixie Mystery

I have uncovered a cute little sleepy mystery! Check out this photos:
  • PiffPPCivilian.jpg
  • PiffTransform.jpg

People claim this is Piff! I highly doubt it so I am going to investigate...
Reasons why I claim this is not Aisha pixie Piff:
  • Look at this picture of Piff on winx:315x323 and look at the picture above! We are not so sure about the hair because it is being covered up by the hat! But we can see that the skin is different!
  • Before transformation, Piff's wings are pink and look like Stella's but in this case in the picture above her wings are round and white
  • Oh and you can see the original Piff in the pop pixie trailer!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Graphic!

I made this graphic yesterday! Why do you think?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Nick Season 4

Credit to unadinoi

Apparently nick has finished running season 3 and are moving on to season 4... But too bad because I still have not watched season 3... Okay so like The Oblivious Prattler said and I quote:

Yep, we’re already back to season four! Why will it be the best season so far?
It’s not anything in the season itself—not Roxy, the Fairy Hunters, the Believix powers, the gifts of destiny, the fairy pets, the battles, the relationship drama. None of that.
No, there’s a better reason why more fans, old and new, will enjoy season four more…
Because 4Kids never dubbed it.Since the first special aired, both the 4Kids and Cinelume dub fans have complained about the “changes”: the music, the voices, the plot edits, Layla’s name—you mention it. Then came season three. While the Cinelume side only had to warm up to the new voice cast, the 4Kids side also had to adjust to the “real” feel of the show—that is, more like the original version.
Enter season four. The 4Kids fans will have nothing to compare it to. So they might enjoy it for what it is instead of harping on each difference they see. The Cinelume fans? Since Nick’s dub will probably be very similar, they’ll still only be nitpicking about the voices and such. But they’ll keep watching because “at least we get to see it on TV.”
Happier viewers, more praise, better ratings. And when season five gets here, it’ll be even better.
I couldn't agreed more!