Caption Contest

~Caption Contest~
Here the picture of the month
Dynamic Duo|When Bloom and Stella aren't fighting evil, they're just two friends who love to dance and have fun!
Party time! Watch as Bloom and Stella groove to the tune!

Ok that was the example so whats your caption?
But first the information on...

~How To Submit Your Caption~
Its quite easy!
Just email it to me you know why because if you comment on it somebody might just copy your caption!

Here's a example email
Country you leave in:
Your age:
Your Email:
Your Caption
You may copy the example email but fill in the blanks!

and the...

1.Always follow the rules
2.Think of your own caption do not copy
3.One caption per person
4.Only Pictures I choose nothing else

Thats all the rules follow them so everybody can have