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 Hi I'm Joyce! I from Singapore and I am 10 and here are some facts about me!

~Facts about me related to winx~
I love winx and I have been a fan since I was I don't really remember! LOL! Ok so I started this blog when I saw Believe In Winx and Winx-Fairies. I use to have a blog called Winx Club-Fairies Club it was so bad so I changed to WCD!

~Facts about me not related to winx~
My favourite books are trading faces,take two,times squared,Geronimo Stilton books
and liberty porter first daughter series.
 I love collecting stickers!
I love dogs and I wish to have one one day.

Hi I'm Brandeline from Singapore and here are some facts about me!

~Facts about me related to Winx~
I love Winx, like, forever!=) They rule my whole life, and I really hope there would be a Season 5, or I won't know what to do. I once had a site called Winx Club Fan . It was really boring, so I went to Winx-Fairies, and was mad all over it. I tried Blogger, and it was fun! I'm still using it, so visit my blog, The Winx Club Times! Oh yeah, visit my graphics site at WinxifiedLove.co.nr!

~Facts about me not related to Winx~
I love using the Internet, and I also love Harry Potter and Dork Diaries! My good friends online are: Joyce, Caity, Erica, Rita, Kaylin and Angela. Oh yeah, and another thing, I love cats!;)

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