Tuesday, May 31, 2011

marianda cosgrove may have a part

i think marianda cosgrove        
 has a spot in the winx on  
 nick check out this photo

who do you think marainda cosgrove will voice


new VAs for winx

i went to other winx club sites and found out about most of the VAs and bloom's VA was really popular 
Musa's VA was on the winx club fan sites news recently this is what Romi Dames tweeted 
credit goes to believe in winx for the info
and now i know where i recognized her from hannah montana she was one of miley's snobby L.A. friends traci

Diaspro(p.s.this carracter will be shown very little so the voice won't be heard much) :
Diaspro's VA is ariana Grande
 (Cat Valentine in VICTORiOUS)

  and this is from FB

i have never heard of this person before but his name is josh keaton and he will be voicing baltor/valtor

molly quinn is the one voicing bloom this is what she posted 

I have been given permission to share the voice over project I have been doing over the last few weeks. I am the voice of “Bloom” in Nickelodeon’s Winx Club that will start airing this summer.

while i did post on molly's facebook fan page i am still waiting for a reply  and i will post what she said when she replys

layla(to be called aisha in nick's version):
keke plamer will be the voice of layla(to be called aisha in nick's version)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

get ready winx is coming to you in June 2011
a short wait and winx club is going to premiere on nick

Winx Club makes its first official appearance on Nickelodeon

June is just a few days away. Maybe that’s exciting to a lot of you because you’ll be getting out of school. But what if we told you that you might be excited for going IN to school this summer? College, anyway. That is, Alfea College, the legendary magical school that turns young fairies into Winx! That’s right, starting in just a few weeks, the girls of the Winx Club will be back in business, this time at their new home on Nickelodeon. Meet up with all your favorites; Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Aisha (what about Layla? … oh, Layla is Aisha now?! Nick is going the European route!) and even the mean girls, the Trix, are all going to be there, ready to wield magic, and Magix, like you’ve never seen before. Excited? Better be!! Check out this teaser trailer, and get ready to go Winx!

credit goes to toon barn for this update

                         ~~~~~my thoughts on this~~~~~
i hope we get used to the new voices and Layla being called Aisha because to me i think i have to watch it alot to get used to it

winx club on nick update

while i have been on toonbarn.com and found alot of interesting info i also posted the latest winx on nick info on winx future updates so come check out the page today

update on winx club future updates

big news for winx fans in Russia go to the winx future updates to check out whats coming up in Russia and news from nick will be out soon

Thursday, May 26, 2011

winx club nickloden update

OMG OMG winx club is coming so soon i found the page click here to see the page i just cank wait here is the about page for winx club from nick and Layla turned into Aisha
r            About Winx Club
Life is a fairy tale for Aisha and Bloom, the magical members of the Winx Club. These fab fairies are best friends at Alfea - the best fairy school in all the land. When they're not out fighting their wicked witch enemies, the Trix, they're hanging out with their boyfriends, the Specialists. These gals may look like pretty pixies, but they're not your average fairies.

Get excited Fairy fans! The magic starts this summer with a brand new one hour special. Coming in June!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

winx club the movie 2

hey winx fan I found the winx club movie 2 the magic is back it is so amazing watched it on youtube it was from one subscribers BelieveInWinx go to winxclubdiaries-videos.blogspot.com to watch

Monday, May 16, 2011

more post

i am going to post more now and in the month of june because exams are over and because of the june holidays

Sunday, May 15, 2011


we have posted half of know your locations and renamed winx world locations and look out for some new pages coming soon

yet another minigame

the winx club team has created yet another minigame for the users of online.winxclub.com
the new minigame is called Winx Nail Shop click here to play now have fun

from winx club diaries

Friday, May 6, 2011

Announcements for winx club online

The Winx Club Staff has been working hard on Winx Adventure, and we are very happy to present a great new update to everyone!
This week, we have revised the Tutorial segment in Winx Adventure for new players, making many little changes to improve it! Bloom will now be the assigned guide to lead new Winx Adventure players into this exciting world to meet new friends, talk about Winx and explore new places!

And that’s not all!
In the coming weeks, we have prepared a host of new updates for Winx Adventures, so stay tuned!
Lots of Love,
Winx Club Staff

                                                 -----------my thoughts------------

                  cant wait to see what they have been doing i want it to happen right away

birthday month

happy birthday  born Musa on 30th may

from :

to musa happy birthday