Sunday, March 27, 2011

PopPixie New Pictures And Transformation (Short Version)

as we are getting closser to get to watch poppixie in english i will show more videos

Thursday, March 17, 2011

video webpage

hi we have just made a new website don't worry we are not moving just that we can't post videos on a page so we made a new website go to this webpage

winx club site maintenace

winx club online is under site maintenace
 check out the message

We are updating to improve your experience with us.

Please come back again in a while.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

- The WinxClub Team -

             ---------------MY THOUGHTS---------------
winx club is upgrading there site non-stop they are upgrading it again stay with winx club diaries for the newest updates from winx club diaries 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

new and updated pages

i have new and updated pages
i have updated the winx caracter pages missing parts have been add and i have fixed all the mistakes like fairy godmother it shoud be fairy gardian as said in the secrect of the lost kinge dom

and i have a new page
it is called winx club tv guide it is not a real tv guide but a show guide like information on the channle 
(the information have been adapted from

Monday, March 14, 2011

winx club season 5

  ^_^Winx Club Season 5 ^_^

hey guys some of you may know that winx club season 5 is coming soon we have no idea which transformation they are using so i will show you what most of us think   it  is season 5's    transformation
sorry photos are messy

Sunday, March 13, 2011

winx club comics

Oh 1 last thing about this it might be slow so if you feel it go back to the previous page and come back again 

winx club comics

hey guys remember the website 
while if you don't that is where you can read winx club comics for free and download them there the comics are published faster  and before winx club online has even published them for you to buy
while when i was looking at the winx club online site today the section where you can buy to read the comics they were only up to comic no.57 while were already up to no.70 while in  my country it was only up to 30+ or 40+ so i say you should really check out this site

winx club online announcements 10 march

This week’s update (10 March 2011) for Web Avatar includes:

  • Long Sleeved Knit Top
  • Ribbon Belted Shorts
  • Lovely Long Socks
  • Ribbon Long Boots
  • Casual Headband
  • Stylish Knit Top
  • Stary Belted Mini Skirt
  • Casual Platform Boots
  • Stylish Rocker Top
  • Belted Rocker Pants
  • Casual Leather Shoes
  • Stylish Belted Top
  • Trendy Belted Hip Hop Pants
  • Stylish Shoes

new pages

hey guys some of you have seen that one of the pages have been removed
we are starting to make this pages again so keep in touch for updates

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Winx club - Back in the past part 6

Winx club - Back in the past part 5

Winx club - Back in the past part 4

Winx club - Back in the past part 3

Winx club - Back in the past part 2

Winx club - Back in de past part 1

Winx Club In Concert - Mambochiwambo

winxclub season 5 fm opening {english}


                                  i found it on youtube and wanted to share with you guys
                      and you might see me post a picture of what you might really like soon

happy birthday


                     happy birthday flora born on 1st of march