Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winx Cub Online update

Credit to Winx Lovix for the news

I found out from wnxlovix that Winx Club Online has updated their site check out the full screen screenshot I got:
Here is an article from the announcement section of the site on the new look:
Dear Fairies and Specialists,

Welcome to the new Winx Club Homepage! We have beautify and added a few interesting sections to keep you occupied!

Here’s a quick guide to the changes:
Featured Games : Click to enter into the World of Winx Adventure!

Mini-game Slider : Click on the Left and Right arrows to look at all the mini-games available in Winx Club Online! Click to enter into the each Mini-game world!

 New Log in Area : Check out our brand new Log In Panel! It is more classy and placed right beside the Mini-game slider !

 Monthly Horoscopes : There are 16 horoscope signs available, and I am sure you will be able to find your horoscope in no time!

 Tips of the Day : The Winx will be here every day to pass you some knowledge, advice or quotations! Be sure to check out this section daily!

 Downloads : Wallpapers are now free! What are you all waiting for? Click to download all of them now!

 More changes are coming, so stay tuned for updates!

See you soon,
The Winx Club Staff

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