Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Gift!


Haha, like I said, I gonna make WCD a gift! I'm really terribly sorry, Joyce, remember in June, we chatted and I said I was gonna make you a gift on the day itself? =(  Anyway, I really remembered the first day I posted here: 8 July 2011, a Friday night. See my very first post here! One day, I saw this comment by Joyce, (see here), I obviously replied her, and she invited me! I accepted... and we became friends! Not long ago, Caity joined us, and we are completed: the Winx Club Diaries team! I hope you guys like this gift from me, if I could post, I would have sent you guys a Winx Club CD or something... After this long speech, I just wanna say: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY WINX CLUB DIARIES! YOU ARE 1 YEAR OLD! WHOO!!!



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