Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winx Club catch up

          I know that WCD has been inactive for like 20+ days so here is a catch up on recent winx events all pilled up into one post!

Stella's Serinix:

On Stella's Serinix we have seen a sneak peek on the video of a toy convention that has a little part of Stella's Serinix! Winx 4 Life has a clear image which was cleared by fantazyme! Oh and this is 100% real!

Winx Club The Secret Of The Lost Kingdom Air Date:

Here is the trailer for the movie that will show on TV! It was found on Unadinoi and uploaded by BelieveInWinxTV:

It was originally said to air on February 26th but has been announced as cancelled all over the winx network! According to this video's title the movie has been moved to March!

          While that's all! I will try to post soon!

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