Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pixie Mystery

I have uncovered a cute little sleepy mystery! Check out this photos:
  • PiffPPCivilian.jpg
  • PiffTransform.jpg

People claim this is Piff! I highly doubt it so I am going to investigate...
Reasons why I claim this is not Aisha pixie Piff:
  • Look at this picture of Piff on winx:315x323 and look at the picture above! We are not so sure about the hair because it is being covered up by the hat! But we can see that the skin is different!
  • Before transformation, Piff's wings are pink and look like Stella's but in this case in the picture above her wings are round and white
  • Oh and you can see the original Piff in the pop pixie trailer!


  1. It is Piff. You can even check out this vid if you don't believe me.

    1. You know that was almost fanmade...

  2. Yeah, it was partly fanmade,(adding the winx and popixie together) but its still Piff. You can see that its her right before she completely transforms.


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