Monday, October 10, 2011

Lots of news!

Credit to TWCT

Here is a list of news that is going to be announced:
  • Season 5 snapshots (Thanks to winx club stella)
  • Hallowinx
  • Winx Club Online
  • The Shadow phoenix
Season 5 Snapshots
credit to winx club stella

Their clothes amazing totally amazing!

For those who are ineterested in HalloWinx, you can go to this website, there's gonna be mini games, and there's already some wallpapers and a video in Italian for you!

Winx Club Online
Oh a new video hurry lets check it out!

The Shadow Phoenix
Ok they changed the time again! When is nick going to make up their mind!


  1. The snapshots take winx club stella from my blog winx club stella. Give mi the credits.

  2. Cool!!!!!!! I love Bloom's. And .... Well I love all of them :)

  3. Where is Roxy :( I really like Roxy

  4. I am really sorry! Roxy wasn't mentioned so there is no proof she will be in season 5,I personally think that foxy went to alfea and is not going to join the winx in season 5.


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