Saturday, September 3, 2011

The New Winx for season 5?

Credit goes to Winx Club 4 Ever

So the big rummors this week are like this picture and this video
So watch it and see the picture from You Love It. Well I heard its just a photo taken from "MichaelsWinx Club" from last years licensing thing show or something but I am not sure.

~My thoughts~
One thing is is this real?!?!
Would Rainbow S.P.A give away such a big thing 2 years before the season is shown!?!?
While after the video I loved the new winter wear and the new clothes.
I say they look way to goth to be wearing those clothes for a whole... season.
The Winx are just to cute to wear this clothes.

What do you think?Leave a comment please!


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