Sunday, May 29, 2011

get ready winx is coming to you in June 2011
a short wait and winx club is going to premiere on nick

Winx Club makes its first official appearance on Nickelodeon

June is just a few days away. Maybe that’s exciting to a lot of you because you’ll be getting out of school. But what if we told you that you might be excited for going IN to school this summer? College, anyway. That is, Alfea College, the legendary magical school that turns young fairies into Winx! That’s right, starting in just a few weeks, the girls of the Winx Club will be back in business, this time at their new home on Nickelodeon. Meet up with all your favorites; Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Aisha (what about Layla? … oh, Layla is Aisha now?! Nick is going the European route!) and even the mean girls, the Trix, are all going to be there, ready to wield magic, and Magix, like you’ve never seen before. Excited? Better be!! Check out this teaser trailer, and get ready to go Winx!

credit goes to toon barn for this update

                         ~~~~~my thoughts on this~~~~~
i hope we get used to the new voices and Layla being called Aisha because to me i think i have to watch it alot to get used to it

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